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I’m an executive coach who’s passionate about helping ambitious men and women unlock their hidden potential and manifest their dream career.

I can’t run out of praise for Anna Urnova.

I met her during a global executive career acceleration program and since then used her services several times when I had personal career dilemma, executive challenge or both. Anna proved to be incredibly helpful and insightful every time!

Anna’s greatest gift was her exceptional ability to always find options and turn challenges into stepping stones to something new and better.

I am a big fan of Anna’s coaching and strongly recommend her to anyone looking to upgrade your life and/or career.

Natalia K.

General Manager, Novartis

I worked with Anna for 9 months and she was indispensable to my executive success!

Anna supported me in my first international assignment role where I had to manage crisis  and turnaround the business. She helped me significantly upscale my executive presence in a foreign environment, while figuring the right approach to dealing with multiple stakeholders and balancing all that with demands of my family life.

With her coaching I managed to manage a career decision and negotiate the terms and conditions I deserved. Anna was a true support and inspiration and highly recommend her coaching to anyone!

Nurgul V.

General Manager, Johnson & Johnson

Thanks to Anna, I got closer to the fullfilment of my business project.

Since I talked to her for the first time, I was aware of her enthusiasm and supportive attitude. The most important lesson I learnt during her Program is that the career shift process is not straight but it takes many turns and sometimes this obstacles can stop you completely.

But Anna made me find again engagement and passion every time I was frustrated or lost direction. 

She encouraged me even in the worst moments, when I thought it was impossible. Even when I was about to give up, she took me by hand and showed me gain the right perspective.

Adriana B.

Career Transition Coaching Client

It has been a true pleasure working with Anna.

She has a tremendous ability to push me out of my comfort zone, and her tailored advice has never ceased to amaze me.

Our work together has made an incredible difference in my career path.

Christophe M.

Executive Director

Multiple award-winning coaching cases published in books

Tricky Coaching: Difficult Cases in Leadership Coaching

(INSEAD Business Press)

Cases in Executive Coaching: From the Annals of the ESMT Coaching Colloquia

Anna is very intuitive in reading our hidden potential. She guided me to see mine, feel it and pushed me to spread my wings and take off into a joyous and healthy future. I highly recommend her coaching if you are looking to achieve your personal career or business dreams

Lubomir N.

Career Transition Coaching Client

Feedback from my work with PayPal corporate

Anna was a great listener and gave me really useful advice. I understand much better what I can expect from myself and how should I organize my work and private life.
Career transition client

Paypal Germany

Coaching with Anna was a great experience with tangible value. I think it was very inspiring. I recognized things that weren’t that obvious to me beforehand.

Career transition client

Paypal Germany

Praise from my ESMT and INSEAD executive development programs

Thank you to Anna for sensitivity and useful considerations and advice. Anna’s coaching session was a highlight of the program and very COOL indeed. Very effective experience.


INSEAD Executive Education Program

Anna has a gift for perceiving truth and relaying her thoughts in a beautifully concise yet actionable way. Her talent seemed to have been universally felt by us, and created a safe environment to both share and listen



Anna provided friendliness, attention and comfort. It was an interesting, inspiring experience, thinking out of the box.

EON Participant

ESMT Berlin Executive Development Program

Anna was able to put words to my feelings
and helped analyze the situation to find
an action plan.

Allianz Participant

ESMT Berlin Executive Development Program

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