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Have you found yourself stuck in a career rut? Are you ready to finally take massive action to improve your work life, relationships, and wellbeing?

You’re in luck! This is exactly where you need to be right now.

Let me take a wild guess – you’re here because something BIG is missing from your life… 

  • Maybe you simply feel stuck in a job that has lost all joy, but you can’t see a way out (after all, you have bills to pay!)
  • Or perhaps you’ve been triggered into action by all the health / relationship problems that are manifesting as a result of your ongoing stress & dissatisfaction
  • You feel limited in your options, and see a huge disconnect between what you WANT from your life and what you CAN create for yourself. It’s like your dream is out of reach behind an invisible wall
  • You feel haunted, even on holidays and weekends, by the fact that soon enough you’ll just have to go back into a job you’re starting to hate
  • You’ve been trying to think your way out of this rut, but are so close to your situation that all the solutions you come up with simply aren’t enough to get you motivated to take real action.
  • Finally, you’re most afraid of the financial consequences of quitting your job. You have a family to support, debt to pay off, and you’d rather sell your kidney than give up that house / boat / car / whatever.

When I ask my clients how long they’ve been dreaming about changing their work lives, their answers break my heart…

My entire life I’ve been dreaming of doing something better, something I really love, but I find myself constantly inundated with busy work, unable to take the time out to build the dream I’ve had for so long.”

Sometimes it feels like I’m living someone else’s life! Why can’t I make a living in a way that would also be aligned with who I really am and my purpose in life? When will MY TIME come at last?!”

So now let me ask you something personal…

What is the emotional and physical cost of “living someone else’s life?

How does it make you feel to be losing your best years to an unfulfilling job?

How would it feel to be able to leave your uninspiring job and step into a new life and career?

What exactly will it take to spur you into action once and for all?

How much longer can you stand to stay unhappy?

Lucky for you, igniting passions and changing work lives is what I do every day.

As a career transition coach, I’m here to help you go from feeling trapped and unfulfilled in your work to choosing a path filled with joy, inspiration and prosperity.

But it wasn’t always that way…

Truth to be told, even though I celebrated a successful corporate career, I went through periods of time feeling stuck, uninspired, frustrated, and unrecognized for my contributions & potential. I go into more detail here if you’re curious, but let’s just say I know how you feel.

The first turning point in my career came when I understood one critical fact: if I kept doing what I’d always done, I would only get what I already had.

I would HAVE to shake things up, and change the way I managed my time, work, and life. On top of that, these changes would have to come from within. There was no magic trick to transform my professional life overnight – there would have to be inner work.

The second “aha” moment hit me when I realized I couldn’t do it alone.

I was simply too close to the problem to come up with a workable solution. In order to figure out what’s not working, we need to be open to suggestions from people who have been in our shoes and are already 20 steps ahead. 

Now the good news for YOU. You can change. Just by reading this, you’re taking the first step toward getting the help you need. Because when you insist on “doing it alone”, you’re really just procrastinating and making excuses. 

Let’s face it, you’re better than that.

It has been a true pleasure working with Anna.

She has a tremendous ability to push me out of my comfort zone, and her tailored advice has never ceased to amaze me.

Our work together has made an incredible difference in my career path.

Christophe M.

Executive Director

Is executive career coaching right for you?

My coaching program is NOT for you if…

  • You prefer to see yourself as a victim of external circumstances or other people’s actions
  • You’re in it to prove that no coach in the world can help you
  • You’re already living your dream and making money doing what you love
  • You expect me to be a magician and do all the work for you

However, my coaching is ABSOLUTELY for you if…

  • You’re a corporate professional, over 30 years old and have at least 5 – 10 years of work experience
  • You actively looking for ways to unlock next level in your career
  • You’re strongly motivated to get yourself unstuck and on your true path
  • You’re prepared to do what it takes to unlock your dream

You CAN turn your work life around!
Transformation is totally possible, and I’m here to show you how.

What puts my coaching ahead of the competition?

Not only do I have decades of first-hand experience in everything I teach, but I also continue to expand my knowledge base on an ongoing basis. In fact, over the past 15 years I have invested over €500,000 in my professional and personal development, and my lucky clients get to benefit from all that collected wisdom & training.

In the last decade alone, I’ve spent thousands of hours coaching clients from a broad range of backgrounds, experience levels, and industries.

I’ve helped each of my clients succeed in some major change they’d been wrestling with in their working life, which include…

  • Negotiating a 50% pay increase without changing their jobs or companies
  • Getting that long coveted promotion to the C-suite level
  • Moving to work in a new country that they’d always dreamed of living in 
  • Using sabbatical or parental leave to skyrocket their careers
  • Setting themselves up for success in the first 90 days of a big new job
  • Launching high-profile multi-million projects with a brand new team (in spite of dealing with a hostile environment initially)
  • Leaving their corporate jobs for good and making money doing what they really loved

Thanks to Anna, I got closer to the fullfilment of my business project.

Since I talked to her for the first time, I was aware of her enthusiasm and supportive attitude. The most important lesson I learnt during her Program is that the career shift process is not straight but it takes many turns and sometimes this obstacles can stop you completely.

But Anna made me find again engagement and passion every time I was frustrated or lost direction. 

She encouraged me even in the worst moments, when I thought it was impossible. Even when I was about to give up, she took me by hand and showed me gain the right perspective.

Adriana B.

Career Transition Coaching Client

I want you to think of my coaching as your Personal Identity Lab.

Together, we deconstruct your current professional identity, while taking a critical look at the question “what makes you YOU?” Are your current habits taking you to the next level? Or are they simply reinforcing the unfulfilled life you’re working to escape from?

I promise, it will feel so good to get rid of the old, broken and outdated pieces of your life, while keeping those that bring you joy and move your career forward. Finally we put the parts back together in a new and creative way to serve your higher passion-fueled purpose.

Think of the coaching space I create as a stimulating environment for you to self-reflect, experiment, transform, and position yourself for thriving at a higher, more fulfilled level.

— Warning: No one comes out from our coaching work unchanged! —

My clients and I follow my Signature 5-Step Process to get them the results they want out of their career:

Finding Your True Joy at Work

First, we work together to discover your deeper passions and desires at work.

Monetizing Your Assets

Next, we find ways to monetize the skills and activities that already make you feel joy and fulfilment.

Shifting Your Core Identity

Now it’s time to really get to work! In this step, I’ll help you apply the skills and experiences you have in different ways, using what you already know and do to construct your new professional self. The great thing is that you’ll be able to start testing your new self out immediately, without getting a new degree or quitting current job (yet!)

Leverage Your Networks

One of the key assets my clients tend to consistently undervalue are human networks. I help clients to be strategic and purposeful in using networks to propel themselves into the new professional orbit.

High Level Support & Toolkit

Most importantly, you’ll receive my dedicated coaching support. We all need help in overcoming our inner saboteur in order to unlock the next level in our careers, but most people forget that sometimes low-level help is worse than no help at all. I also provide access to a powerful support community. On top of that, you’ll also receive a robust toolkit to help you continue your professional development after we’re done.

Let’s dig into what you can expect to get out of our time together…

Working with me is an intensive, high-impact experience that will require you to show up every session prepared to work, take action, receive feedback and even make uncomfortable changes to your daily life.

BUT it’s not all work work work. I also make sure that we have fun and bring joy into the process wherever possible!

During our weekly sessions you can expect to…

  • Get in touch with your joy and purpose at work 
  • Explore your career options
  • Build a powerful new mindset to bring you closer to your dreams
  • Test drive your “upgraded” self without having to quit your job
  • Leverage your networks to promote your new self
  • Confidently push through lingering fears and resistance
  • Scope out next steps of your longer-term career transition

You have the power to step into your destiny. The time is now.

I worked with Anna for 9 months and she was indispensable to my executive success.

Anna supported me in my first international assignment role where I had to manage crisis  and turnaround the business. She helped me significantly upscale my executive presence in a foreign environment, while figuring the right approach to dealing with multiple stakeholders and balancing all that with demands of my family life.

With her coaching I managed to manage a career decision and negotiate the terms and conditions I deserved. Anna was a true support and inspiration and highly recommend her coaching to anyone!

Nurgul V.

General Manager, Johnson & Johnson

A final note from Anna…

If you’re anything like I was back when I tried and failed to make my way out of the corporate rut, you never tell yourself this, so allow me: YES. YOU. CAN.


You CAN connect to your true inner purpose, desire and joy, you CAN find a way to monetize it, and you CAN make your transition from career that pays, but sucks into the one that gives you joy and income, and more!

You also can have work life balance and flexibility to work from any location of your dreams. You also can live a healthier life and have better relationships. You CAN transform your world.

How many more chances of making a change will you let slip by?

How much longer do you want to struggle to fit yourself in a box that has nothing to do with who you really are?

Don’t put this off. This is important. This your life.  

In fact, I’ll go farther: The step-by-step roadmap and set of tools I’ll provide you with are not only about making a successful one-off career change. It’s about becoming your most authentic, confident and whole self – the person you were meant to be in this lifetime on earth. So book a FREE call with me now, and we’ll talk soon. Anna

You CAN turn your work life around!
Transformation is totally possible, and I’m here to show you how.

I can’t run out of praise for Anna Urnova.

I met her during a global executive career acceleration program and since then used her services several times when I had personal career dilemma, executive challenge or both. Anna proved to be incredibly helpful and insightful every time!

Anna’s greatest gift was her exceptional ability to always find options and turn challenges into stepping stones to something new and better.

I am a big fan of Anna’s coaching and strongly recommend her to anyone looking to upgrade your life and/or career.

Natalia K.

General Manager, Novartis